When is Wavelab 12 coming out?

I thought there was a topic and reply about this but I cannot find it using the forum search…Thanks in advance.

What are you looking for in a new version that isn’t offered in the current version?

PG hinted that there is some improvements in archiving.

My biggest problem with WL as it is currently configured make me close down the WL program in order to move files that were (and not currently) in WL. I am working with a client who wants to “refile” her tracks as well as change their names. The name change is easy with WL but when it comes to moving the files, even though they are not currently open in WL I cannot move them from one file folder to another. So I have to close down WL, move the files and then reopen WL and the next file. This is very time consuming especially when the client has over 65 files.


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End of the year

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The end of the year is fast approaching. Any more on a firm date??? Just wondering???

In fact, it will be beginning of 2024. I know the date but can’t communicate it.
Be patient, this will be an awesome update :wink:


Thanks for the update…I can’t wait (but I guess I will have to).

Thank you for the update!

I am in the situation that I have to activate wavelab within the next week to start on a project. I hoped that I could wait with my activation for wavelab 12 to appear. Is there a grace period for wavelab 12 and if yes, do you know from when it will start?

Thanks in advance and all the best!

If you haven’t already activated a WaveLab 11 trial licence, that will give you 30 days of use without activating a paid licence.

There will very likely be a grace period, but Steinberg often does not announce when the grace period started until the new version has been released. The longer you can delay activating a paid licence, the more likely it is that you will qualify for the WaveLab 12 grace period.

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Hi David,
thanks for your fast reply! Unfortunately I already had my trial license activated.
Seems like I will have to activate 11.2 and have my fingers crossed
All the best!

Any more word on when WL 12 will be out? Just wondering??? Thanks in advance!!!

My last answer in this thread stands.


Understood. Thanks for the reply!

Maybe it will be Wavelab 13, same like Steinberg doing with Nuendo. From 8 direct to 10 without 9.

Nuendo 9 did not exist because Steinberg aligned the codebases of Nuendo and Cubase at with the release of Nuendo 10 (though I cannot remember whether Nuendo 10 was based on Cubase 10 or Cubase 10.5). They do not habitually skip version numbers - in particular, they have now released Cubase 13 and Nuendo 13. Moreover, they have now moved away from paid .5 updates for Cubase and Nuendo.

I think we can be fairly confident that the next version of WaveLab will be WaveLab 12.

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With release of Nuendo they talk about many many major new features and they posted something like no number 9 but 10. Because we doing very big job.
Like 2 versions or updates in 1.
So i gone be happy if it’s happens with Wavelab 13 too. PG1. talk to us it’s been big awesome updated version :point_up:

Hey PG, long time customer here, looking forward to WL12! Please keep up the professional podcast features, they really have expanded what I do with WL. Professional podcasting production has become a nice market, thanks for paying attention to it.

And if I forgot to thank you in the past for ripple editing in the montage view, here’s a belated huge thank you! And feel free to tease your Cubase/Nuendo colleagues about what good ripple editing looks like so they can eventually emulate what you’ve done. :wink:

BTW, since you’re spearheading important features like ripple editing and awareness of professional podcast production, any chance you are considering a Linux version? WL would be the perfect first Linux Steinberg app! And if you did, I’ll buy an extra license immediately! :sunglasses:


I know it’s not the simplest thing to do, but I would also welcome a Linux version. Assuming there was a fully-functional demo, a straightforward way to install/update/license it, and some way to actually get plugins working…I would buy another license if I had to.

I’m so sick of Microsoft and Apple that I’ve thought very seriously about trying to get WL (and plugins) running under wine/proton. It’s mostly the licensing concerns that has stopped me from trying so far.


OK so it i the new year and WL 12 will be out ??? Just wondering???

I hardly think that an important release will take place during the holiday season.

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