when it is impossible to reactivate Cubase...

Hallo everybody,

this is my first post in this foum so I’d like to say hallo to all the people that is here and to thank anyone that could give me any tip for my problem.
My name is Alessandro and i use Cubase from 20 years, or however I used it 20 years ago!
But in this Time I restarted to get back in this enviroment, not professionally but just to Play Music!

My problem in few words: it is impossible to reactivate my Cubase Elements 9 I tryed a lot, already wrote to some other forum and naturally in My Support / My Request in 2 weeks I had no answer

I have 2 licenses, but one seems to be impossible to reactivate. After a regular activation and installation my PC was having problems with Windows and I had to Format. Then no more chances to reactivate.

In the web page My Software I don’t see this license, if I try to use the activation code it appears like already used and it is not possible to make another since the software is not listed as I already wrote.

I think that the problem is linked with tis issue: after activating the first time I didn’t manage in My Products the License to add it there.

Pkease if you have a link or any idea about a way to fix this problem give me a feedback!
Thank you

If the license doesn’t show up, that means you didn’t register this other Soft-eLicenser to your MySteinberg account. You absolutely have to register every different Soft-eLicenser you have to be able to reactivate all of your licenses. Every different computer will have a different Soft-eLicenser.

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for support to respond in this case. They should get back to you soon.

Hello Romantique TP

Thank you for writing me this, ok so I must wait for a feedback, do you know normally if they answer in 1 month or 3 week? It is already 2 weeks that I wait without any answer