When midi recording, the count-in gives the wrong number of beats before starting recording

For example, if I set a one bar count-in in 4/4 meter, I only get 2 clicks before recording starts. Running Dorico on an iMac running Ventura 13.4

Welcome to the forum, Martin. I’ve not seen this problem reported before. Do you experience any differences in this behaviour depending on which project you’re working on? What about at different rhythmic positions in the flow?

The behavior is independent of project or rhythmic position within the flow. The initial beat (sometimes two beats) are not sounded. As a work-around, I have set the count-in to two bars, which gives me a “downbeat” (in the second count-in measure) that orients me so that I can start recording at the correct location.

This sounds very peculiar, and I can’t really think of a good explanation for it! When you play back the music normally, do you hear the first two beats as expected, or does playback also miss off some of the expected notes at the start?