When monitors are turned off Mixer Window reverts to 1st monitor

My Sandybridge mobo died last week. I was using the integrated graphics with 2 23" monitors in 1280 VGA mode in Extended Mode (ie. one virtual monitor 2560 px wide). I have the Project in the left monitor and the mixer in the right monitor. My habit is to leave the machine running, but turn off the monitors when I go away for a while. Worked fine for years.

I replaced the mobo with a Haswell (4770) and it started up the same version of Windows just fine. There is only one problem:

When I turn the monitors back on, the Mixer Window reverts back to Monitor #1 (on the left) and I have to drag it back to the right monitor #2. Not a deal-breaker but a bit of a pain. In other words, it seems to ‘forget’ its position on the extended screen every time the monitors are powered down.

This ONLY seems to happen in Cubase. Other apps seem to remember where window locations are.

Anyone else have this happen? Suggestions?

Leave the monitors On, mine use about the same power turned off or gone to sleep.

The power on/off button on the monitor doesn’t affect this. Windows will still detect the monitor when turned off as long as all cables are connected and active. The mixer window in Cubase uses the ‘main’ display by default as set in display properties. If not available it will revert to the active monitor. But when the main display is available again it will always switch to this. So if you want the mixer by default on the other monitor just make this your default monitor in display properties.

The multi-Monitor behaviour of cubase under windows including the use of workspaces is buggy in general. It does not remember settings correctly.

It always remembers mine. :slight_smile: Don’t bother with workspaces because windows won’t remember those after a reboot anyway. Just make sure what your ‘main’ display is in Windows display properties. As long as you follow these rules it’ll work.

Well, setting the mixer window to be the main display has some side effects on windows level (On windows 7 here) - like where the taskbar is located.
I was talking about Cubase Workspaces btw. They should have nothting to do with windows reboot at all. Have always been buggy and still are.

Ahh Cubase workspaces…I always use work spaces here and it never fails me? I have several profiles. One monitor, 2 monitors and various other layouts. Always works for me. But I’m on Windows 10. But I must admit, I have ‘only’ 2 monitors.

Not a specific Windows 7 thing. GTX 750TI mixes digital (DP + HDMI) with analogue (VGA).

Never a good idea in multi display setups! Especially when you have 4!

Get a card that supports 4 discreet ‘digital’ outputs and I bet I you won’t be having any issues again?

Then there’s 3 things left to investigate? It’s a driver issue, it’s a Cubase thing or it’s related to Windows 7? I could suggest if you do other stuff with 4 monitors besides Cubase to test this? But lets’s be honest, who uses 4 monitors for other than this specific task? I’m guessing you’re not in the financial markets and could test it on these applications, can you? :smiley:

Mixing different resolutions on multiple monitors is not done on most graphics cards. Especially when driving 2 or more monitors? So I think your issue might be there?

If I turn off my TV that is connected to my laptop via HDMI, any window open will move to the laptop screen.
I can’t test on my computer right now, only have one screen connected, until I have my new computer set up to replace the one in my sig.

Correct, but I would not expect them to move back