When moving, selects another part horizontally!

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Why is this happening and is it possible to disable it somewhere? Or is it a bug?
It happens in any new project if there are more than two tracks in the folder

Could you please try to use key commands instead (i.e. instead of clicking on the nudge buttons)? On Windows, the key shortcuts are:
CTRL + Right Arrow Key (nudge right)
CTRL + Left Arrow Key (nudge left)
I’m suggesting this because I think you might be dealing with a video driver issue.

After testing the key shortcuts, I suggest you add your system information to your profile. This can help you receive better replies to things/issues you post on the forum… Learn how to add system info to profile by accessing the following link:

CPU — Intel Core i7-11700F
GPU — Gigabyte Radeon RX 6400
32 gb ram
Cubase 12.0.70
Windows 11 22H2

this also happens with key commands too. for some reason, it randomly allocates a copy and move it along with it. renaming a copy of the part didn’t help.

sometimes I also find that while moving the middle mouse button, the cubase slows down, and shows about 7 fps, after a while it becomes smooth again, and then slows down again.
I meet such problems only in cubase. there are no such problems in other programs or games. all drivers are updated

If I were you, I’d add the issue tag to this thread, because this clearly is a problem Steinberg should fix. Higher versions of Windows 11 21H2 are supported (according to this official source), so if you have Windows 11 “22H2”, which is higher than 21H2, you should not have this problem.

Please read the link I gave you in my last reply and put this information where the post indicates (i.e. in your discourse user profile). Also, you omitted to include your motherboard information (brand, model). My suggestion would be to see if Cubase still behaves like this on another GPU. If you have a motherboard with integrated graphics, I’d recommend testing on that (by removing the dedicated GPU). Now If the problem with Cubase goes away (when you’re on integrated graphics), then this information would be valuable for the developers working at Steinberg…

Hi, can you share a screenshot so that I can also see the left side with the tracks? I am guessing you have a group folder setting enabled or so.

Hi, folder settings do not affect this behavior
I also noticed that this happens if you add two or more tracks to the folder. there are no problems with one track

I’m willing to do the same nudge actions you did in the GIF (if you’d like). I think this would help narrowing down the problem you have. In other words, if it’s project related or system related. I need only the .cpr file (or part of it), if you can upload it…
P.S. Thanks for accepting my suggestions regarding profile system info and the “issue” tag. Also, I think you can forget about troubleshooting with integrated graphics. It might be a waste of time.

I don’t think it’s related to the project, because it happens in any new project if there are more than two tracks in the folder

Ok, I understand now what is the problem.
This is the expected behaviour.
They move all together because you are moving folder’s event which contains all 3 events that are inside the folder.

I’ve edited your screenshot.

What you 're doing is that you are moving no.1 so everything that is inside the folder (the 3 events that are directly underneath it-the red cycle marked) are moving as they should.
You can also see the 3 darker grey areas inside the group event no.1 that correspond to the 3 events (vital, groove and kick).

What you should do is select the individual event like the ones I have marked (2,3 or 4 for example) and they will move each on it’s own.

Folder track always shows a summarized event of its contents. Edit events directly on the track of choice, not the folder track.

that’s right, if you click on the folder event, it will select all the events below vertically. but that’s not the problem. the problem is that it randomly selects other events horizontally, after one shift in any direction

If the problem involves something else, why did you mark the previous post as a solution? I’d suggest you undo this, because it’s misleading to other users.

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oops, it was an accident

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Ah ok I see, you select a track folder event and after some movements it selects another one in the same track.
I can’t think of a possible reason for this sorry but I will try to reproduce it and let you know.