When Night Falls


Hi, my name is Anam and this is my second time sharing my music I made with Steinberg!

In this track I made use of,

Cubase Pro 9.5
Halion Sonic SE3 for Bass, (VST Bass Amp on the track)
Groove Agent SE4 for Drums.

Flute played by myself as it is my main instrument.

I fyou would like to know what else I used for the synth or anything else, let me know! :blue_heart:

Hi Anam, I really love your playing on flute. This is a great demonstration. Hope you continue to share your recordings with us.
I noticed in two places what sounded to me like your bass note was slightly off. At 42 seconds and again at 2:19, the bass is playing an Ab where it sounds like it should be playing an A. But it could be a matter of taste.

I very much like your flute playing.


Thank you so much. I am so sorry I rushed into uploading it! I will check with my better pair of ears now and hopefully do something about it.

Since you liked my flute playing, the electric guitar is also my flute track with a guitar amp on top of it. :joy:

Anyways, thank you again for your insights. :purple_heart:

Hi Anam, that’s interesting that you did the guitar with a flute. I don’t want to say it sounds real, but it sounds good! Maybe I should try to play the flute with my guitar!