When opening a saved project with active cycle, the cursor does not work in cyclic mode

Hello. I noticed such a bug in Cubase Pro 12. When opening a project with the “Activate Cycle” button pressed, the cursor does not work in loop mode. The cursor moves further after exiting the loop. At the same time, the graphical interface shows that the cycle is enabled. You have to turn off the cycle activation and turn it on again, then the loop works correctly. In the Artist version, did not notice this. (Windows 10, Intel core-i5)


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

In my case “Disable program preferences” and even “Deactivate all third-party plugins” do not help.


Do you have older Cubase version(s) installed by any chance, please?

Hi! Unfortunately, there are currently no older versions installed. I installed Cubase 12 on clean Windows about a month ago. Before that, I had Artist 11 and Pro 12 installed, and even before that there was such a situation. It worked correctly on Artist 11, but not on Pro 12.