When Project windows is not maximized CPU Performance meter is 15% higher

Working with Cubase 12, Windows 10, tested in a PC I5 and another Ryzen 7.

with Project window maximized

with Project window not maximized

Is this a bug? I do not know any other program that when used in a window not maximized eats more resources…

Can’t really reproduce it, but I noticed a specific behavior of the Audio performance meter: after you open a project, for a couple of seconds the ASIO load is quite high, and then drops down a bit. Maybe that is what you are observing? After that, there is no difference in having the window maximized or not, at least for me.

no, it´s not while opening. It happens in every project in my both workstations.
It´s really annoying when the Performance meter is at about 80% cause when I change to the workspace with Project window not maximized then Performance goes to 100% and spikes won´t let me continue working.
It occurs with any of 3 Asio guard settings and any buffer size.

Not seeing it here either C12, Win10.