When recording an audio track waveform looks like clipping?

So when I record audio the track looks like it’s been limits so hard that there is no wave form just a full block of audio for top to bottom. The audio is fine and it’s correct on the meter. Is there a setting I screwed up?

Decrease zoom level on the waveform display?

Or post a pic or describe with a little more detail…is it filling all of your event?..is it square topped but not as big as the event? What are you recording? What is your soundcard?

I tried decreasing the zoom. Didn’t help. Everything was fine a week ago. There is nothing wrong with the sound. The level on the channel meter doesn’t even come close to clipping. All that happens is the audio track in the sequencer looks like a square top to bottom. But when I double click to enter the editor the audio looks fine in the editor. I’m recording a synth through a Mackie 1402 mixer into a delta 1010 sound card. I don’t think it’s audio related. It must be something with view preferences.

You’re moving the wrong slider.

i suspect you are looking at a stereo recorded track and what you think is "clipped is actually 2 waveforms not one…
if you looking at the center between the waveforms thinking “thats the mono waveform” the upper and lower edges are actually the track boundries. lol…its fooled me for a min before too untill i realized i was looking at a stereo track with “two” waveforms. try expanding the horizontal view i think you’ll see its kind of like that optical illusion of the
“do you see a vase or a face”.


Crap. I’ve been using cubase for many years and I never saw that “other” slider till now. Fixed thanks