When recording, it records the previous track as well

  1. create an empty project
  2. add a midi track
  3. record midi track
  4. add an audio track
  5. record an audio track
  6. play the audio track(solo) plays the midi track together.

I use PreSonus Studio 26c, Cubase11 artist, and a p90 microphone. They are all very new.

So as I listed up here whenever I try to record over another track it keeps recording the previous track together. I have tried to fix it and here are some things that I have done(but was a failure).
Unplugged the headphone to see if it was picking up from the headphone
Changed the lines. Restarted the computer. Tried changing the option in the control panel to other options in there. Tried most of the things (in my perspective) in the studio setup. Turned off the monitoring option.
When I press the monitoring inside the Cubase daw thing it makes a high-pitched sound like when you put a microphone in front of a speaker if you know what I mean.

I I couldn’t record anything for weeks. Please help this fellow Muggle.

Joseph Yoo

You have a loop from input to output. Are you using direct monitoring? Do you have the monitor button on the front pressed? I don’t have this interface but I do know others do the same. Read the manual but I suspect it could be the monitor button.

I have undone all the monitoring buttons but its still the same

Ok. Without reading the manual which you can do I don’t know as far as the interface is concerned. Does the interface come with a control panel? Is there anything in that? Have you got the connections set up right in Cubase and your not feeding anything back in the routing?


Make sure, there is no loopback enabled on your Audio Device, please.

I had loopback turned on my interface setting it is fixed now thank you for the help!

thank you for helping me it was very helpful :slight_smile: