When Recording: Turn on/off cycle loop and editing locator range not possible

During recording it is not possible to turn off/on cycle loop.
This way, when by accident Cycle loop is active on record, you always have to stop recording, disable cycle loop and restart recording.

Also you cannot edit the locator range when recording.

I’ve actually noticed this too, today, but I don’t think it is a bug or an issue but on purpose. Think about it: what would the program be supposed to so id you e.g. move the right loop point suddenly before what you already recorded? Keep recording outside the loop? Retrospectively create cycle takes or change the length of already recorded ones while it is still recording? Don’t think that is really possible.
So I think this behavior is very much on purpose.

Yes exactly, thats how it works in other DAWs. Also it is not possible to edit the locators, even if there is no cycle activated.

What one could expect is, that it behaves exactly like it does when hitting playback. Simple!

Definitely an intentional limitation, and not an error or bug. Be clear, if you want a feature frame your post like a an FR.

AFAIK there is no mention anywhere that this behaviour is intended (if thats the case, then I will change this to a FR immediately). And while I appreciate your help here on the forum, you are no dev to be certain about it, or am I wrong?

Just because Cubase always behaved in a certain way, does not mean that it is intended or should be this way (especially when it is not a feature, but a limitation). I opened quite some issue reports in the past (about limitations which where always there), and the support staff was happy that I took the time to show them exactly what was wrong.

Then phrase your post as a question.

Also I would be already happy, if you could just simply turn on /off the cycle loop, which should be possible, without any of the issues you mentioned.

Why would I have to phrase this as a question? What would that change? I know this is not working, because I tested it on different systems and cubase versions in the past.

You don’t have to do anything, but a question will evoke different type of response, from different forum users.