When saving projects, projects get sent to the recycle bin?


I have changed the default project folder and the project backup folder destinations.

When I save a project it gets saved in the correct folder, and it will also get saved in the correct backup folder.

BUT projects also get sent to the Recycle Bin.

Is this correct?

Thank you for your help.


This is correct. Autosaves are stored every few minutes (dependent on what’s set in Preferences). Each time Dorico autosaves, the previous autosaved version is trashed.

When you close a project correctly (telling Dorico to either save or discard changes to the file), Dorico purges the autosave folder entirely, dumping its contents into the Recycle Bin.

Thank you for your very quick and reassuring response Leo.



Oh that’s a good idea of theirs (yet another one!) I just verified it’s true on Mac’s too, looks like they recycle everything including all the intermediate saves and backup.