When should group tracks be stereo or mono?

I’m just wondering when I should make my group tracks stereo or mono? does it make a difference?

It depends on what you are doing, but obviously it makes a difference. A stereo bus / group has two channels, a mon bus only one.

Yes but when should I use one or the other?

If you want your group tracks to be spread across the final mix, rather than being in one point, then it should be stereo. If you mix all your vocal tracks with the main vocal in the center and the harmonies off to each side then you’ll need the group to be stereo. If you have five guitars all playing and want them to appear as one sound mono would be okay. Yeah?

Thanks, so if I have 4 guitar tracks all in mono and I use the pans on them, should the group be stereo ?


Yes! If you run your panned tracks into a Mono Group track you will lose the panned (stereo) effect.