When soloing a group channel the "grouped" channels are muted

I have 5 channels routed to a group channel, but I’ve somehow managed to unlink it so that when I solo the group channel the 5 channels mute along with the rest of the channels and the other way around; when I solo the 5 channels, the group channel mute.

In the same project I have a similar group channel setup in which the soloing works; when I solo a channel all the FX/Groups and so on and so forth that are linked within the group setup will solo with it.

So how do I relink the solo/mute function for a specific group setup? :confused:

When you hit play do the these 5 channel play thru yhis group track?

When everything is on the 5 channels play through the group track. when I hit “solo” on the group track the 5 channels get muted. When I hit “solo” on the 5 tracks the group track is muted. I want the both the group track and the 5 tracks to solo together when I hit “solo” on either one.