WHEN STARTING CUBASE 8-IT SAYS:initializing video player

start up cubase-initializing video player/video service is not responding,…abort to open,IS THERE SOMETHING I NEED TO TURN ON OR OFF?

Some users have this issue. First, make sure you have the latest quicktime version installed and all other system things are up to date (you didn’t list your system specs) then retry and hopefully this fixed your issue. But, if not, and you don’t use the video functions in CB there is an unofficial workaround where you move files containing the word “video” out of the cubase/components folder. I wouldn’t do it but… it’s an option for you to try (maybe temporarily to see if it fixes your issue). Again, be aware that if you do move files out of the component folder there may be issues when doing a CB maintenance version upgrade where the upgrade won’t install properly unless you replace the files you removed. So, do this “AT YOU OWN RISK”.

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Maybe you want to support this feature request.


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I have the same problem…I couldn’t understand. Why 7.5 Works perfact and 8 doesn’t. I removed files containing the word “video”. But I still need them. I use 7.5 when I need a Video Player. When Can I use my 8? It makes me sad…

Perhaps this may help you?


I finally solved this problem today. I hope this method will help.

  1. Update Quick Time ( I updated to 7.7.6 today )
  2. Reinstall Cubase 8
  3. End