When Steinburg Hub and/or Dorico is open - I cannot play Youtube videos on Chrome or Firefox or IE

When I have Dorico or the Steinburg Hub open I cannot play Youtube videos / Audio is missing.

Chrome: Audio renderer error: Please restart your computer
Firefox: Video plays without audio
Edge: An error occurred please try again later.

I am currently evaluating the Dorico Elements version.

This is an issue because I am trying to follow Youtube videos to learn how to use Dorico at the same time.

I apologize if this has been asked numerous times. I couldn’t find a solution through the search.

If anyone can help or needs more information please let me know.

There is a “FAQ for new users” thread pinned to the top of this forum, containing a huge amount of useful information. Within it you’ll find a link that addresses this exact issue: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115001124024-Windows-Dorico-No-sound-in-other-applications

Thanks. I found the FAQ after I had posted. Followed the youtube video and fixed youtube not playing. The new problem I faced was no audio play back from Dorico.

What I had to do was select the voice (Piano) and then further select the output it should use from the drop down. Which was not covered in the youtube tutorial.

Dear Stanek,
What you describe here is manual attribution of sounds to instruments. Dorico can perform this task automatically, when you go to Play menu>Playback Template and choose a template (HSSO+HSE should be default).
Hope this helps!