When to use Reset Appearance?

Sorry, but I couldn’t find a thread on this. I see a few times where it is recommended. In general, when is this used? I haven’t yet experienced the need for things like “unlock format”, and all of those buttons to fix my screwups in Sibelius.

I use Reset Appearance and Reset Position first thing when I import an XML file to do what I can to make sure Dorico is applying its “rules” to my layout. (Why else import into Dorico?) I cannot see that it hurts even if it is no longer necessary.

Reset Appearance will, in principle, turn off all overwritten properties that change, well, an object’s appearance. Depending on the type of object, this can be handle offsets (that control a slur curvature) or the way a marking is displayed. It should basically affect all properties that aren’t affected by Reset Position, which should be self-explanatory.

ah… yes this makes sense and sounds very useful as I import a lot of XML files.