When turn UR 44 off, computer freezes.

Hello, I have a pretty dumb question but I figure there is a better solution out there. Is there a proper way to turn the UR 44 off? After I finish with a Logic session, I basically just press the off button in the back of the UR 44. However, the mouse and the keyboard of my Mac freeze and therefore I can’t do anything on my computer. At first, I thought it was an issue with the keyboard and mouse so I switched them out to others, but the same problem occurs. The only thing I can do is force my computer to shut down. One time, I turned my computer off, and then turned the UR 44 off. No problems there. However, it seems really inconvenient to have to close all my applications and turn the computer off every time I want to turn the UR 44 off. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thank you so much.