When using axr4u on Windows 10, the loopback function does not work.

I am currently using windows 10, axr4u. Also, installation of all applicable drivers has been completed. I run dspmixfx axr4 to activate the loopback function and activate the loopback button, but it is not recognized in the default sound option of windows10 and there is also no response in Cubase.

To solve this problem, I contacted Yamaha Music Korea, the responsible service center for Steinberg in the country where I live, but there was no solution at all.

Please let me know if you have any solution.

If it’s axr4u driver problem, I’ll lose confidence in Steinberg this time.

To solve this, there will be only a quick driver update and bug fix.

I spent a week with support, they had me testing multiple ways to get it to work. They tested it saying they got it to work, but then came back and said they couldn’t. Then the came back and said they can get it to work but using a low latency driver. I asked if they were going to fix this or if I can get a direct refund and go with a solution that works, they said that it is working as intended.

Pretty interesting to have me run through hoops and then find a solution external to them, and then claim that was intended. If intended, why wouldn’t they have just told me to do that from the beginning? It’s called the run around because they don’t want to admit fault and be liable.

I’m on Windows 10 and using the loopback functionality of the AXR4U without problems.