when using chord track, chords play in the midi editor

This is what i believe is a bug, but I could be wrong.

1 When I’m using Chord track - “Use Monitored Tracks” so that I can send chords to several tracks at once

2 When I wish to edit another Midi track with the event editor, I get chords playing back even though that track is not monitored. Most frustrating when sending chords to several tracks then wishing to edit some bass or lead parts. It becomes impossible work with… i must be missing a preference somewhere?



I’m afraid this is just another unfortunate consequence of the MIDI Editor taking over the MIDI input when it has the focus.
I don’t know if Steinberg will ever make that “optional”, but, in the meantime, (as you have obviously already observed), the only (partial) workaround is to switch the Chord Track from “Use Monitored Tracks” to a specific track instead (maybe do a temporary “bounce” of the other MIDI tracks that are playing the chord track?)

This has also been reported here

Please go to the thread vic linked to and comment so the issue gets more attention (the OP of the other post suggests opportunistically :wink: )