When using Divide Track List, make top and bottom separate focus areas

This seems like a fairly critical and common-sense addition that is needed, and I’m echoing an old request I posted (here), hoping it gets addressed.

When the track list is divided into top and bottom, let the user tab between the two halves independently – instead of grouping them as a single focus area.

It’s insanely confusing what tracks or regions etc. in either half have focus when you’re moving around your project, and actions become unpredictable - for example, I’m never sure when pressing the ‘delete’ key what will be deleted when there are things selected in both the top and bottom list. The only way is if I remember which track list I edited/clicked in last which is hard when you’re jumping around in editor windows etc.

I see this being solved by 1 of 2 options…

Solution #1: Make top and bottom track lists take focus independently. This is the suggested tab order when Divide Track List is active, and the focus rectangle should follow:

  • Left Zone
  • TOP Project track list
  • BOTTOM Project track list
  • Lower Zone
  • Right Zone

or, Solution #2: Only allow track/object selection in one track list at a time. If anything is selected in a track list and the user selects something in the other track list, the first list de-selects anything that was selected. Then there is no ambiguity. Would certainly solve the issue.

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bump for great justice


I would prefer solution #2.


and please have the divider bar snap to tracks within it instead of how it currently is

+1 for #2