When we’ll Have the Crossfade in Cubasis?

In this moment a lot of people are using an IPad to produce music, and an option so basic like crossfade is necessary in a workflow more comfortable.

It’s 2023, when do you think we’ll lo have that?

Thanks for create Cubasis <3 - :heart:


never, they do not develop Cubasis3 one update for 3-5 years, is squalor! 2023 where are slide-notes? where is the normal sampler? where are the new synths?

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Hi @Michael_Martys,

Cubasis is updated on a regular basis, and we are working on the next update.


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Maybe you could give us a date for the new update?


after 5 years, the update will include the following options:

  1. Bug fixes
    2.Bug fixes
    3.Bug fixes
    4.Bug fixes
    We have been working hard to update all the years, 24/7
    Thank, Lars.