When will Cubase 7.0.2 be available?

Sorry for my question but I’m wondering WHEN WE WILL HAVE AN STABILE CUB7? 7.0.1 is not the update that I expected to be!!!
So if somebody know something …

7.0.2 is coming and will be a fully supported update I believe

Try living in New Zealand! The whole country closes during January! :smiley:

It is somewhere in this forum communicated by SB, second week of February is est.

Exactly! And a more detailed 7.0.2 pre-announcement is coming soon.


nice new pic Helge. :slight_smile:


Thanks. So, continue working with 6.5 instead of 7! Second week of February is not so far NICE :slight_smile:

I cannot wait for this, as I am sure SB will both meet and exceed expectations :slight_smile:

exceed expectations ? i guess its will be mostly bug fixes and give in back some missing functionality as "save/load mixer channel.
well…hope improvements with MC graphics too.
or maybe im wrong and they announce some new features as “bounce in place”- multi timbral/output instrument channel, etc…
love speculations :slight_smile: all we can do is wait and see. :wink:

I noticed too :slight_smile:.
There’s a saying in Dutch: “if eyes could kill” :wink:

great look

and there’s an old Vietnamese saying

ông với wonkey mắt và áo sơ mi màu xanh mặc huấn luyện viên cũ

There’s an even older saying in Klingon…

Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

love this saying. so meaningful ! :sunglasses: