When will Cubasis 3.6.1 update be released for Android?

Good afternoon.
Cubasis 3.6.1 update has been released for iPad.
And for Android the current version is Cubasis 3.6.
Please tell me when the Cubasis 3 update for Android will be released?
What will happen in the Cubasis 3.6.1 update?
Thank you.

Hi maks_w,
The difference between the iPad v3.6 and v3.6.1 is the inclusion of a “fix” to enable HALion to download easier, it was very problematic before this last update.

Hi @maks_w

Thanks for your message!

As @fixitmania53 already mentioned, v3.6.1 was only released to iOS customers which had problems to download the content of the new instruments IAPs.

But, we are in preparation of the next Cubasis update, which is planned to be released soon via the App Store and Google Play.

Best wishes,

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