When will HALion 4 be available in the US?

Why won’t you take my money, already?? :smiley:

Please answer this simple question. Thanks.

Steinberg seems to do this with all their products recently. They will release them overseas and then at some future point release them here in the US. I believe that in the past they have claimed the delay on getting the packaged units to the US distributors. I’m not sure why that would cause a long delay when world wide shipping is so fast these days. More than the delay itself, it is frustrating that they are so reluctant to give an estimated ship date. You would think they would want to get as many direct orders as they could during this intial release period, but who knows what their logic is. Especially since it is so hard to get them to respond in the forums. I guess they figure that if we are that excited to order it now that we will be just as excited later. You might have better luck sending a support ticket but I doubt it, unfortunately. I think Steinberg should really invest in some people with good communication skills to work the forums and as a result stay better connected with the needs and wants of their customer base. Best of luck trying to get Steinberg to respond here.


Yeah, the delay is what it is. I’m sure there’s some reason. It’s not like they don’t want our money…

But it’s the lack of communication that’s so annoying. Seriously, how hard would it be to give us a date, or at least a decent estimate? I guess I’ll hold them to “June”, if there’s no other word on the date.

I am as eager as everyone else in the US that wants H4, and I am sure they are working their chops off, getting things squared. A word on it would be “sugar on top”, however business relations sometimes makes it not beneficial to release details, both to the business partners as well as us (as in we, not USA, lol) consumers.

I am so impressed by H4 as far as I can tell, and I am very glad that the music industry (along with VST3.5, etc) will finally moving to the “next phase”. I cannot wait to be able to create sample sets across the keybard and be able to individually apply expressions like modulation, pitch, etc.

Outstanding Steinberg!!!

If I understand this correctly, it’s possible for owners of Halion Sonic to update electronically to Halion 4, since the difference seems to be around + 2 GB of library content.
Unless there is some sort of server limitation problem (unlikely), I don’t see why US customers who already own HS, can’t just download the H4 update.
It seems to me common sense (and for sure commercially wise), that a Steinberg representative adresses this – here or elsewhere, but probably the need for it is less obvious for them…

Hi there,

HALion 4 will be available in the US in just a few days. Steinberg North America decided to release the box version and the downloadable upgrade on the same day. So unfortunately you have to wait until the boxes arrive in the US to get the upgrade from HALion Sonic to HALion 4. But this will happen within the next days.


Thanks for the update.