When will have a sale?

Im in love with your software, but this price is very expensive for a Brazilian student . So when will u do a effing sale !!! auhauhauhahu i love u guys see yah!!! I wanna buy it!!!

That is never revealed until they actually have one. They usually have about two a year but I think you missed this years. It’s getting g to the point where a new version is due out. Again though we don’t know when until announced.

This year is still young. :smile:

Steinberg have different sale period for different products. Cubase have usually been in summer, however they have changed the release time it seems so i doubt that they will keep summer for cubase sale.

I meant rolling year from when Cubase 12 was released and not this actual year. It’s getting g close to a year since it was released (I think!)

Now! See Sale for all Cubase version.