When will I see my upgrade? [was a glitch, so now CLOSED ]

I bought the upgrade to Premium 12XL , logged out and in several times, deleted the app and reinstalled. Almost one hour later and I am still a Free User.
Is this normal? On my PC it took about five minutes before the program recognised the access code. On the iPad I expect it to update automatically.
Please help.

I assume you are referring to VST Transit? This forum (VST Cloud) has 2 departments, VST Transit and VST Connect. Pls post to VST Transit for questions related to VST Transit :slight_smile:
I can have a look if you let me know your Transit user name (not your mySteinberg name but the one in your Transit profile page).

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Indeed I referred to the iPad app VST Transit Go and I meant to place my question there. Meanwhile I found that the in-app purchase of a membership works fine, so all that was left to do was ask for a refund with Apple.