When will the native Atmos renderer be able to export mp4 for QC?

When will the native Atmos renderer be able to export mp4 for QC? I feel we’re being held hostage.
Also, why the 512 MB audio buffer limit? That affects performance when there’s lots of tracks and FX. Simply being able to raise the audio buffer stops all freezing and cracking but then atmos won’t work…
My atmos project is on hold now, although it really sounds incredible, I can’t check how it’s going to sound in consumer devices. [Nuendo 11 PC Windows 10]

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+1 on adding mp4 exports to Nuendo.


I second this. We should be able to have nearly all the same features as their stand along software. That bottleneck Dolby created is B.S.

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This implies integration with the Dolby Encoding Engine (DEE). Totally up to Dolby, I imagine.

The 512 audio buffer is a deal killer for me. Will continue on the Dolby Suite for the meanwhile…

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According to Dolby’s instructions, engineers are required to validate the quality of Dolby Atmos content prior to delivery. But the only way to do this is by rendering the ADM BWF file to a deliverable format (e.g., MP4) for auditioning on consumer equipment. As I understand it - and it’s not at all easy to understand - the only way to produce MP4s from ADM BWF files is via the proprietary Dolby Atmos Production Suite. And the only way to run the Dolby Atmos Production Suite is on iOS. :frowning:

Even a simple (Mac/Win) command-line conversion tool bundled with Nuendo would be fine by me.



David, “JPGTR” mentioned, the Dolby ENcoding Engine (DEE). This the Command-Line Version, and only this. No GUI.

DEE is available for Windows and Linux, and interestingly enough not for MacOS. A bit pricy though. Perhaps because it also supports Dolby Atmos in TrueHD.

I evaluated it some months ago. Together with some power-shell scripting, it works quite smoothly.

LG, Juergi

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Correction: MacOS.

Yes, the Production Suite is $300, but it is a very flexible, all-encompassing workflow which includes several non-DAW features like mp4 export and selectable buffer setting. I have Nuendo 11 but still continue to use the external renderer for Atmos.


Thank you. Can you tell I’m a Windows guy? :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, our studio is Windows-only. We have an iMac in another office but it’s not setup for audio work. No audio I/F. No ProTools. As such, I’m wondering if the Production Suite will even run.

That sounds ideal! But is that the package that requires an annual $400 subscription? I can’t tell because their website won’t even allow me to view pricing without a “valid sales order contract.” Not a good sign.

You can run the DAR standalone. Haven’t tried it w/o an interface but they have a trial available to try. If it worked, you could maybe at least use the iMac to spit out your mp4 tracks for QC-ing…


That seems right (unfortunately). I have even heard numbers in the $500 per year ballpark.

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Any new word on this?
Im torn on whether to choose DAMS or DAR. Dolby’s page for DAR says it has “all features from Production and Mastering Suites” and more (like Win10/11 compatibility), but that feels like a lie, since DAMS costs quite a bit more than DAR.

If Nuendo was coming with the ability to export MP4 soon, that would make this decision go away completely

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The new Dolby Renderer supersedes the previous versions. One was more expensive than the other because it came with 3 licenses. The new one runs on Windows and works fine. If you also have a subscription to Pro Tools or own a perpetual license you can buy the renderer through your Avid account for $99 US.

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I imagine you’re aware of this by now, but the Dolby Atmos® Renderer, sold by Avid for $129 CAD if you have PT active, imports ADM files and can then export to MP4.

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I do not have PT, but thank you for the suggestion.