When will the window games end?

Is there ANY way to get the various windows - especially the mixer window - to quit maximizing and resizing itself?

I’d really like to not be irritated several times a day by this ridiculous issue.


Lets try Cubase 8. Completely new windows handling and/or Workspaces should solve it for you.

I am so constantly disappointed with Cubase that I am quite reluctant to spend any more money on it. All the recent roll outs have been extremely buggy for at least 6 months - especially pertaining to UAD plugins and external FX, both of which I rely on heavily. Also I have issues with CPU overloads despite using a quadcore running at 3.5 GHz, and I’ve noticed lots of complaints about Cubase 8 (despite its advertised lower CPU demand) exerting higher demands upon the system. I also saw some complaints about it actually SOUNDING different, which is scary.

I only bought 7.5 because of the new alt N to transient feature, only to find that sometimes it misses the transient by quite a bit, and some older projects (of my own which I only get to work on between paying gigs, so they are truly ancient) began taking forever to autosave in 7.5. and the window handling seems to have become more capricious as well.

So, from my perspective, although every upgrade has brought some interesting new features, it has also brought several new headaches and irritations.

They have a trial though I suppose, right?

Yes, there is a Trial version, which I would strongly recommend you, to try it yourself. It’s always the best experience.