when will Variaudio be fixed???

As title reads…just wondering.

I will never even consider upgrading until it’s fixed.

Living out in the country now, I know when the cows come home, so cannot profer this as an answer anymore…

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Even tho’ it has gotten much better; IMHO Never.

The better move is to get/try Melo or Auto-T


we are aiming to solve the issue finally in Cubase 7.0.4.

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Another months of waiting? :frowning:

Wow, must be quite problematic! Thanks for the update anyway Helge, I guess I’m on 6.54 for a while…


I do appreciate that SB’s cleaning up their act with C7.0.3 but since their business is Audio production, I would’ve believed that Asio and VariAudio performance would be at high priority over the other issues…which would allow us to be productive.

I’m still unable to work with C7 because of the stuttering…though I have been able to reduce most power surges and the meter has dropped from 70 to 55%.

It’s terrible having bought Cubase 7 and you can’t use for 3 months…and there’s nothing that you can do!

I do, thank you for bringing the update (7.0.3)…but I also hope that v7.0.4 comes soon…very soon!

Com’on SB, pull it together…we’re rooting for you!

OK, and big hm. Will you have this fixed in 6.5.5 as well? I would wait for that. :smiley:

I would like a user-definable portamento time between scissor-separated segments.

Variaudio is not usable in C7 now for creating natural sounding transitions between scissor-separated segments.
(See discussion Steinberg Forums )
Until the fix I’ll be working on C6.5.
Though, in C6.5, I once tried to achieve a zero portamento time (for a mechanical sounding ‘Cher effect’) without success. The only way to achieve it was to straighten pitch completely in both segments, which wasn’t the intended effect.

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I’m with you, still on 6.54 until Vaiaudio is fixed (hopefully in 7.04). BTW, you probably know this but, you can you use the “pitch correct” plugin (Steinberg) to get that “Cher” effect as well, it works similar to “live” autotune…

Yes, thank you. Somehow I never managed to get satisfying results with Pitch Correct though.

Cubase 7.0.3 64 bits; Cubase 6.5.4 64 bits | Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits | 16 GB RAM | i5 3.3 GHz processor| SSD 256 GB | Steinberg MR816x | Steinberg Midex 8 | Motu Midi Express 128 | much hardware

:smiley: Me too. I will not upgrade to C7 until steinberg fix the variaudio. Present bugs have caused the audio correction mistakes and made the audio results even worse.

If so I will upgrade to C7 then. And thanks for Helge’s message!

Same here, I have C7 but have to use C6 on everyday basis for natural sounding vocal corrections (I record vocalists A LOT).

This is just a little update on how we are progressing:

The issue has been tracked down and fixed. Actually it was a malfunction in the detection algo - not the stretching and pitching itself.

Unfortunately it means that already analyzed material won’t be “fixed” automatically as the detection already happened. This means a new detection pass will be necessary on existing projects that were made with a Cubase version which suffers from the detection issue. New projects won’t be affected.


No problem, this is great news!

So, from the point of view of someone who mostly makes EDM, deep House, dark moody elsctro, who mostly only uses vocal tracks from film and media, but occasional does vocal work for remixes… what exactly is wrong with variaudio?

I guess if you’ve read the thread you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. I’m not sure what type of projects you do has any relevance…

The thread states the problem but doesn’t actually explain it exactly. As I say, I don’t do a lot of vocal work, and I’m sure better results could had by investing in melodine, with extra cost.

But that being said, and bearing in mind that varioaudio is built in plug-in, what exactly is the problem with Variaudio?

Or do I need a degree in vocal processing to understand it?