When will VST Connect become userfriendly?

VST Connect is a brilliant idea. It is, however, severely hampered by the messy set-up procedure! The whole mess of special input channels, groups, etc. should be handled transparently in the background. Computers excel at this. This would also eliminate the high risk of set-up errors. Assigning an input for remote recording shouldn’t be more complicated than selecting an input of the audio-interface. Most of us are musicians/recording engineers, not network engineers.

When will the day come when VST Connect gets it’s own tab in VST Connections, and selecting a “remote input” just be another input routing option for an audio channel (as selecting an iput from an audio interface is today). That day Steinberg will have something truly revolutionary on their hands. Not just a great idea with a severely hampered usability.


Hi Svenn,

There is no doubt that the VST Connect is a ‘hack’ for the existing Cubase setup. I’d also argue that the manual does not have enough detail - it’s a happy day scenario.

That said, I used the template was connected to my performer in about 5 minutes flat. We were both a bit shocked! Did you use the template?

I just think the value you get inside the Cubase box is so stunning - and to even include remote recording - I think it’s excellent.

Here are three things I learned that might help you:

  1. Use the SEND on any track you want the performer to hear, SEND to T/P Performer (or something like that).
  2. I had problems with Lagging Audio - the solution was to set the Performers Buffer Time down from 1024 to 128
  3. Turn off video when recording - it hogs the bandwidth.

The only thing I can’t work out is how to get the VST Connect panel back if you close it…

Good luck.