When will VSTi (from Halion to all others) became available in Steinberg Activation manager?

I really would like to know when is Steinberg planning to put all VSTi (Halion, The Grand, Groove Agent and all others, as the libraries) available in the Activation Manager.
Last weekend i went out for a “on location” production, taking only my MBP and a SSL2 interface. Only there i saw that my libraries where not available… i did not took the dongle because most of my SB software is now in the Activation Manager.
Please take in consideration that most (or at least some) users have VSTi and libraries that still need the dongle, but most of the software (Nuendo, Cubase, Wavelab, etc…) is on the Activation manager. We can “work” with the software, but not with the instruments and libraries…
Make the VSTi and Libraries iavailable there please
All the best guys

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All the VSTis other than HALion and HALion Sonic now support Steinberg Licensing. HALion/HALion Sonic will move over with the upcoming update to HALion 7 and, presumably, HALion Sonic 4. I would expect a new paid update to Absolute to launch along with HALion 7, which will move Absolute to Steinberg Licensing.

If you have standalone licences for Groove Agent 5, Backbone or The Grand 3, there should be a migration voucher to move these licences to Steinberg Licensing in your My Steinberg. The only way to use Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 with Steinberg Licensing is with a Nuendo 12, Cubase Pro 12 or Cubase Artist 12 licence - Steinberg has not migrated standalone Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 licences yet for some reason.

It should now be possible to migrate paid Retrologue expansions - again, check My Steinberg for a voucher. I expect the ability to migrate Retrologue expansions is the trial for the migration of other expansion packs later on.

Once Absolute 6 is here and it is possible to migrate content pack licences for HALion, Groove Agent and Padshop, my Steinberg Licensing migration will almost be complete - the only other things I’m waiting for are VST Connect Pro and the DNxHD video plugin.

Hi David
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
But the question still is that besides the VSTi, how about the libraries?
I have several of them, all in the dongle (as it’s supposed to be at the moment). I did had the Grand 3 in the Vouchers, as GA5, but not Backbone. And really hope that in a future update\upgrade of Absolute 6 everything get’s to the Steinberg Activation system.
But i’m worried about the Libraries.
Some are from SB, but others are from other companies, so how it’s going to be a bit confusing…
Or the companies take the Steinberg Activation System to themselves, or the licensing\activation is going to become a pain…
But let’s hope for the better and wait that SB does the right thing…
Again thanks for your input :slight_smile:
All the best man

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