When will we get an update to cycle marker export panel?

I have 60 cycle markers in my project, to only be able to see/select 3 at a time in the audio export panel is such a headache… :sob:

I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
I can see and select all cyclemarkers in the export window.
I often have exports of 200+


I’m with Fredo here, I often edit and export eLearning modules with 200+ cycle markers and I can see all of them in the export window. john

But can you see more than 3 at a time? If so there’s a new setting I’ve missed…

That’s no setting.
You can “open up” the dialog box, you can scroll within the dialog box and you can shift_Select all markers to flag and/or unflag them.


This session has 109 cycle markers. I can see 15 without scrolling but all 109 are there.

Lol,that’s new then :grin: ok thanks, guess I’ll do some dragging tomorrow.

Hello again,

Sorry, I can’t do that in mine. I’m on ver 11.0.41. Is this a setting you can toggle or what’s going on?

That’s just how it works, sounds like you might need to do a reinstall?

Hi, ok weird, I have several computers with the same installation… but thanks.

just drag and drop the thin grey line beside the text “Export Range”, easy as that

Ha ha, thanks, yeah got it, man that is one tiny line to get hold off. :slight_smile:

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