when you WANT to destructive edit an audio clip- export audio mixdown?

Here is what I do: sometimes I want to apply fx and filters to a single audio clip for sound design purposes. So everything from the eq to volume settings, all that goes into a new version of that audio clip which I rename from the original.

I had a workflow worked out in my legacy version of Cubase (SX3.x) some time ago, but its been long enough that I actually don’t fully recall what I did. I thought I used “bounce to disk”. I now have Artist 9. So yeah, its been that long.

Anyway, when I attempt to use “bounce to disk”, nothing is actually happening as far as I can tell. I get a “choice” of replace events? yes or no, and regardless of what I choose, nothing new is created (not in the track and not in the pool). In fact where I choose YES the newly created soundbite (named by default using the track name) is no different from the original. None of the filters, eq, etc. are applied.

However, using export audio mixdown works just fine.

What is odd is somehow I am recalling that there were more options given for “bounce selection” including a dialog box for renaming the new resulting soundbite. Am I missing something or has something changed with the “bounce to disk” command?

The Freeze Edits function should do the trick.

With ‘Bounce Selection’ fades and crossfades are included in the bounce but not real-time effects. When you bounce, a new file is created on the hard disk and a new clip is created in the Pool.

Try Render in Place (Edit menu). This has options to include EQ and effects and is perfect for applying filters and fx to single audio events.

Ive tried Render In Place. It does create a new piece of audio, throws it onto a track below the original, but then the original audioclip is now turned into a lined version of the waveform and doesnt play in the track anymore.

Would freeze edits allow me to then export that audio clip as its own version and store it in a library? Hmmm.

That depends how you set the options in the render in place window. There’s an option to mute or not mute the original event (in Cubase Pro 9.5).

I don’t understand what you mean.

I’m getting the impression that Artist must have a severely cut down version of Render in Place. In Pro 9.5 it’s easy to use. I’m guessing it’s not so easy in the Artist version. I don’t have Cubase Artist so cannot verify here. If it’s not the same as Cubase Pro 9.5 then you might have to stick with Export Audio Mixdown.

Render in Place is exactly the same in both Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro. The manual clearly states which features are exclusive to Cubase Pro, or limited in Artist.

OK cheers.

Therefore Tantroniq, you have an option to mute or not mute the source event in the Render Selection dialogue (or of course you can unmute it manually). And you can choose the name and path for the rendered audio.