Where are borders?

The documentation says that if you want to add borders around text on a title page, be sure “properties” is selected in lower zone.

Please tell me where to find “properties.”

The top part of the screen looks like this;

You have to select the text frame you want to add a border to. You can’t be inside the text frame, editing text.

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Thank you. I tried and failed to delete this. I find working in the frames very confusing, but I don’t know how to explain it better.

It’s worthwhile leaving the question and answer up, as you never know who might come later looking at the same issue :slight_smile:


Hi @konradh here a visual guide for creating borders (just follow the numbers :-). Maybe you already know the steps meanwhile, but maybe someone else could be interested. As @Lillie_Harris said, before you can edit the frames, go outside of the text editing mode pressing the “esc” key.

And before steps 9 and 10 you may want to add text or tokens to your text frame: just select the frame and press Enter, to make this.

(ohh…, and don’t forget to copy the Page Layout from Left to Right, or vice-versa, in the upper middle part of the window…, so that your page appears as wanted no matter if is on the left or on the right)


Thank you!