Where are downloaded items?

Full version of GA5. MacOS. Downloaded some things like “Essential Jazz” using Download Assistant. I can’t figure out where these files are supposed to go. They do not show up in Groove Agent.

Check they are in the library and showing as installed.

Where should the files be instead? Both locations contain .vstsounds that show up in GA5. But the downloaded ones don’t show up no matter where I put them

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/Groove Agent/VST Sound

I removed and re-downloaded several of GA5 presets.
Looks like everything is registered. Nothing of the new stuff shows up in GA5 - unless I am looking in the wrong place.

One would think after installing “Jazz Essentials” and “Modern Jazz Essentials” there would now be some jazz. Is there another step I am missing?


Please note that the only content that’s “free” with the full version is what shows up when you click on Groove Agent 5 in the Steinberg Download Assistant. (if you own an Absolute Collection license, please click on your version of Absolute instead)

The “Content Groove Agent 5” download includes the following Libraries shown in the Library Manager:

  • Groove Agent Factory Content
  • Raw Power
  • The Kit

If you own a Cubase license, the following libraries from Groove Agent SE 5 can also be used with the full version if you download the Cubase content:

  • Allen Morgan Signature Drums
  • GA SE Rock Pop Toolbox Drums
  • Groove Agent ONE
  • Groove Agent SE Factory Content
  • Laser Beams
  • Production Grooves
  • The Kit SE

If you didn’t purchase a license for other libraries such as “Jazz Essentials” and “Modern Jazz Essentials”, they cannot be used.

Obvious question???
When you downloaded them with the “Download Assistant” I am assuming you clicked on install once the download had finished?
I have added extra kits to Groove Agent elements 11 and they have always shown up straight away in the library and in Groove Agent. If you add anything you haven’t been licensed for it will show in the library but not in Groove Agent.
Hope you are able to remedy the problem. :grinning: