Where are drum maps stored?

In the drum map setup window, i press the functions->load, but i find no drum maps. Where are they located? thanks :slight_smile:
Simen K. J.

No Drum Maps are installed by default (and I think they haven’t been on the Installation DVD’s “Additional Content” folder since Cubase 4!). However, they can still be downloaded from the Steinberg ftp site (I’ve just had a look :wink: )
Most of them are in…
and there are new ones for GrooveAgentOne here…

You can put them anywhere you want on your disk… You load them into Cubase manually anyways :wink:

… or simply just make your own!
takes literally a few minutes once you know what you’re doing.

Im looking for drummaps for the included Groove Agent One programs.

Simen K. J.

I posted the link :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile: