Where are Expression Maps & Presets stored in OSX?

Hi All,

I’m currently trying to locate the ‘Expression Map’ and ‘Track Presets’ directory used to store factory settings in OSX Snow Leopard for Cubase 6. But have had no luck so far.

I’m trying to locate these directories so that I can put the new HSO Expression Maps and Track Presets in the proper place.


Are you referring to the files as downloaded from the Steinberg website?
VST Expression Maps have no default location… you can store them wherever you want (and then load them manually, of course). If a VX Map is used in a Project it is then also saved in the Project itself.

As for the HSO Track Presets, they are conisdered User Presets, so put the contents of that downloaded folder into /Users/[your account]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Track Presets/Instrument/[create you own folder, named e.g. “HSO”], then rescan MediaBay.

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Thanks for the information - it was just what I needed.