Where are my Multis?

I used the standalone Halion Sonic 3 for live performance.
A Multi was in my definition a setlist (on the right side of the GUI) containing all songs in the set.
Every song in the Multi contained a bunch of sounds in a Multi Program on the left side of the GUI (the 16 slots).
In Halion 7 standalone it seems that a Multi is a Multi Program that is not a part of a setlist (a Multi):
From the manual:
> Loading Multis

Open the MediaBay, and double-click a multi or drag a multi onto the multi slot.
Click the Load Multi-Program button in the multi slot to open the Load Multi-Program dialog, select a multi, and click OK.

How do I find/load my Multis?

Change the preset type in media bay to display multis. Or use the menu top left.

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Thanks misohoza, but unfortunately that is not exactly, what I’m looking for.
In my screenshot from HS6: I have opened a Multi. You can’t see the name of the file here, but it consists of the single songs (Multi Programs) Invisible Crusader, Experience Oblige, Killer an so forth.
I’ve selected the single song Invisible Crusader and all of the sounds used for that song is displayed on the left in 15 slots.
In H7 it seems, that a Multi (just like you’ve pointed out) is now the same as the former Multi Program ie a single song. So how do I find and select my setlist with all the songs?

Did you try the multi tab in Halion Sonic?

AHAAA! It never ever crossed my mind, since the Multi option was not a part of HSSE3.
Now I get it - I thought I wouldn’t need HS7 because everything would be integrated in H7 - but that was with the Multi option as an exception.
Thanks misohoza - you saved my day.