Where are my plugins for offline processing?!

Just installed all my stuff on a new Windows 7 computer. One problem I’ve got is that the majority of my plugins aren’t available for offline procesing.

Right-clicking on a clip in the project window and selecting the “plug-ins” tab only brings up a handful of plugins. None of my UAD plugins are there, and, most importantly, no Auto-tune! Now I can’t do offline Auto-Tune processing!

How can I get my plugins to appear in this menu?! I really need to access the Auto-tune - like, tonight, if possible!! Working on a deadline here…

Any ideas?!

maybe try rescanning your vstsound folder in media bay?

Not quite sure what you mean by this…

I’m assuming it’s reading the plugins from a VST plugin folder - is there a way to point it in the right direction so it sees ALL my plugins? Or is there something in my system instructing it to ignore certain plugins…?

The only plugins that are showing up for offline processing are Steinberg plugins - no UAD, no Waves, no Voxengo, etc. - just those VST plugins that are included with the Steinberg products.

Cubase’s behavior is the same - only Steiny plugins appear for offline processing.

All my plugins are available for use as inserts & sends - just not offline.

How can I get the rest of my plugins to show up for duty??

I think I’ve answered my own question - the missing plugins are available in the 32-bit version of Nuendo 5, which I just installed.

So, is this the only solution? Or is it possible to bring them into the 64 bit? Why would all plugs be available as inserts/sends, but not as offline processes?

The plug-ins are wrapped via the bit-bridge in the mixer however an off-line process occurs “outside” of this (not wrapped) so therefore they aren’t available.

Seems like an odd oversight…is there some reason why the programmers at Steinberg aren’t able to use this bridge for offline processing?

I use a bit wrapper called jbridge

the majority of my 32bit stuff is available for offline processing.

it’s cheap too.

Yep, that’s the way to go.

But hey Steiny, this is a real shame!! One needs a third party bridge to use Steinberg plugins for offline processing. WTF !?!!