Where are my Vintage Classics presets?

I bought, downloaded and activated Vintage Classics but, I don’t see them in Retrologue 2 or in media bay. Did I miss a step ?

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager to check if they’ve been installed.

They’ve installed

Please make sure that Retrologue 2 is updated to the latest version.

Close Cubase and follow these instructions, but instead of opening the “HALion Sonic SE_64” folder mentioned in the instructions, open the folder for your Cubase version.

What is the latest version of Retrologue 2 ?

The latest version is 2.3.0. It adds support for Steinberg Licensing. You can download it from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If updating doesn’t work, please follow the steps above to force your MediaBay to be rescanned.

I have the latest version of Retrologue 2 installed. I can see Vintage Classics is installed in Steinberg Library Assistant. Does it matter that I have my Steinberg/Cubase content on a different hard drive ? I don’t have any trouble with anything accept Vintage Classics.

There’s no issue for as long as it shows up in the Steinberg Library Manager.

Did you try following the steps I linked to? You haven’t mentioned that at all.

Yes I followed the steps in the link you posted.

Please make sure that you’re deleting the files from the folder for your Cubase version. I posted an edited version of the instructions here:
Missing Loops & Samples - #2 by Romantique_Tp

I’ll try again Thanks for your help.

I tried this both ways and it didn’t work.

I figured it out. I had to run the Activation Manager and activate Vintage Classics