Where are preferences and keyboard-shortcuts saved in Lion??

Theres no Cubase folder under library-preferences so where are they saved??

a little help would be nice here…

A little self-help would be better.

Do a search for one of the prefs files to see the directory they’re under. :confused:

For what? They can’t be found over search.

You’re kidding, right?

Nope, and when search for cubase it only gives me a folder with manuals in it.

I haven’t installed Lion yet, but I’d be amazed if it were to that degree different from Snow Leopard!
In Snow Leopard, the Cubase Preferences folder is in your User Account Library folder (not the Global Library folder).

I couldn’t find anything there either.

MYSTERY SOLVED! Turns out that the user library is by default hidden and unsearchable in Lion. Instate you have to click on “Go” in the manu-bar on top and hold alt to make it visible. A very annoying change that caused a lot of confusions with others as well.

Wow! thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Thanks. This was driving me crazy.

Thanks!!! You realy saved my day! :slight_smile: