Where are the ASIO driver and MIDI info stored on a Mac

I seem to be having a weird issue where either Cubase is misnaming my MIDI and ASIO driver connections in the Studio Setup; or something is really screwed up.

I have aggregate devices created and visibly available within Cubase; along with single hardware as well. But recently noted a weird intermittent pop on an audio channel subsequently followed by the audio of that channel overloading with nothing running. I delete the audio channel, recreate it and the issue is gone but after closing out and coming back in, the issue returns on the same channel.

Thats when I also noted the mis-naming of the audio devices as well. Eliminated any chance of it being a hardware issue.

I know where the preference files are located for MIDI controller setups, global settings and etc. but I’m not certain where or if there is a preference file where the device drivers are stored.

Anyone have a clue for that? Trying to save myself the hassle of removing the reinstalling the program.