where are the audio files I imported

I am sure this is as stupid a question as my last one but I just created a new project and immediately saved it into its own folder. I imported 2 audio tracks from my zoom r24 and selected the “copy files to working directory” checkbox. everything works ok and it appeared to be copying but I can’t find the audio files. I expect the working director to be the folder where I saved the project. The only thing I can see there is the project file and a “track pictures” folder. I disconnected the zoom and the audio still plays so I know it’s there somewhere

press strg-p, so it opens the pool window. here you can see where your files are

Just saving a project to a folder does not set that folder as the project folder. This can be done in project setup or by changing the following setting: (I recommend tou do this)
Go to the hub/project assistant and tick the prompt for project location instead of the use default location and then always create a unique named folder before importing or recording any audio.

Note that it also shows the project folders paths under the project names in the hub/assistant…by default they will be in your My documents/Cubase Projects folder and will have really unhelpful names like Untitled101

And if you ever get in a situation whee you have a project with files spread all over the place and are struggling to round up all the files, use Backup project to new folder to copy everything to one place.

Thanks. I am new to DAW but it seems like odd behaviour to me. I create and name a new project but when I import audio files it creates folders in a different place and then calls that folder “untitled” despite the fact the project has a title. So a project actually has two working directories.