Where are the Audio In/Out preferences stored on Mac?

Did a full format and reinstall of my OS due to my own stupidity trying to fix Cubase issues that weren’t Cubase related. Lol

Imported some of my project and plugin presets from the previous installation but seems like they could have screwed something up in the process cause now one of my 3 audio devices is showing as inactive within Cubase when it is definitely online and recognized and working everywhere else in my system.

From past support calls, I remember being told to remove the custom templates or presets for the problem areas and restart Cubase to correct the issue. But I cannot find the documentation that tells where the template or files are that define the Audio In/Out connections in the Control Panel. My M-Track Channels are showing up as inactive and I cannot get any sound from them.

I am using an aggregate device created in the OS and I’ve deleted the device and recreated it several times but Cubase still marks it as inactive. I know most of the settings and preferences are in the /Library/Preferences/CubaseX folder with some others scattered about; but I don’t know specifically which file I should be looking for and don’t want to go haphazardly guessing which it is.

Anyone know where the file is on a Mac that stores the settings that populate the Audio In and Outs in the Control Panel? :question: I want to delete it and see if Cubase will properly recognize the device as being available.

I found another post where the question was asked but I didn’t see a clear answer.

Figured this out. So in case someone else ever needed to know this, the file that stores the Audio In/Out connection settings Is located in
~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 9.5/Port Setup.xml

Close Cubase, delete the file and re-launch. Fixed the issue when pushing the Reset button doesn’t work. Brute force approach but works.