Where are the C8 Sample Projects?

I’m pretty sure I caught in one of the new videos or something that Cubase 8 comes with a number of sample projects that show how the features can be used. Anyone else catch this statement and better yet any one know where these sample projects are?


Try this with your Mediabay RACK on the project window…
ALT+T to open it if you can’t see it and ALT+T again to hide it

See the image to save a 1000 words!
(your content might differ slightly from mine)

Select VSTSound from the drop down menu make sure Deep Results button is not selected

Browse all the content in the results window pane.
There is literally HOURS of content to browse!

The content I think you are looking for from the Cpro8 video is found in the “Rock Pop Toolbox” folder.

Which to open the individual .cpr projects, you have to create a new project folder and save it there when prompted.

I am pretty sure they were talking about NEW sample projects that show off features of 8 and not the old ones from 7 but I could be wrong and would seem stupid if thats what they meant when they mentioned it.

Each release we usually get one that does the latest and greatest. This time not so much.

I’m not looking patches or loops but you maybe on to something as “cubase projects” is included in list. I’ll check it out. thanks

No… you do exactly what I described and go into the Rock Pop Toolbox.
and you’ll find the PROJECTS folder there with the content.

Not just loops and samples!

There’s 29 individual Allen Morgan example projects there.

On Windows…
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

But the files are packed in what is probably an NTFS File Stream so you need to use Mediabay to get at them.

excellent thanks for the clarification, exactly what I was talking about and looking for.

hi guys
been trying to find the demo song project for c8 pro … cnt find it … is there a link anywhere :smiley: ?

Found some stuff in the media bay > VST Sound. Set the filter to projects and you’ll find some. Don’t exactly know if it’s what you’re looking for, just stumbled over it recently.

ok …ok
thanks… is that the stuff we normally get that shows off the program??

Nice projects in there…I wish they’d do the same for EDM Toolbox

Hi, i have read this thread but there is no content folder on my hard drive, when i go to media bay the folders show up but when i click on them they are empty? anything i’m doing wrong?
thank you