Where are the effects in Halion 5?

I know I must be blind, I have effects for audio tracks in insert effects, but I see no effects for Halion track or within Halion, so much stuff there, kept looking for 20 minutes and tried to watch youtube videos on how to add effects, they’re all over the place until you need them. Manual is not helping either, as my screen looks nothing what the manual shows. simple chorus/rev…

Hi mrnobody,

Click on the blue Program-Buss icon and then where you see Fretless B15 at the top of the list, further up you will see a little grey box saying FX.

When you click on that box all the effects will appear so click on one and then click on the Edit tab in the main window of Halion 5 where you can adjust the effect to taste. If you want another effect click on the little grey FX box again!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

Check the mixer tab and press the buttons that show up to switch between the different display modes.

Nothing happens if I click the blue program bus icon on the upper right

Please take a look at this section in the manual.

Use the menu to the left or the arrows to the right to navigate it.

Hi again mrnobody,

Can you not see the FX icon - please see screenshot attached?