Where are the old threads?

i have not used wavelab in ages. i own ver 6 and upgraded to ver 7 years ago.

i understand v7 is no longer supported but i would like to read old threads to try to understand why v7 will no longer launch on my Win10 x64 pc.

i googled “wavelab 7 will not launch” and the top results looks like it could help but when i click the link, it does not take me to the thread :frowning:

any help would be great. v6 launches but i cannot burn a CD. v6 sees my CD/DVD writer but it will not burn. i read about versions of asapi which i downloaded from steinberg but that didn’t resolve it which is why i tried v7.


this thread has a way to ‘convert’…

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thanks for the help.

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A handful of forums were left behind in the migration, including some of the archived WaveLab forums. My guess it that this post was in one of them.

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i am all set now. i uninstalled v6 and v7. rebooted, reinstalled v7 only and chose the option for current user vs all users (not sure that matters) and i can run v7.

i was able to create my CD from the ddp files i created.