Where are the Padshop sounds?

OK, maybe I missed the instructions but I downloaded 6.5.1 and I can pull the Padshop up on my screen in a project, but none of the presets produce a sound. All my other VST instruments work but not Padshop.

Can someone help? I just downloaded 6.5.1 again and I will open a project to see if anything has changed. Does the installer put the Padshop sounds in a different folder? :confused:

Er… Does anybody use Padshop? :astonished: I click on the triangle in the Sound Sample window and nothing shows up. No folders, no voices. What is the dealio please? Thanks in advance, I know you are out there.

Maybe this will help?


Wow, this is lame.

So it looks like I have to uninstall everything and start over. Wow, I am rather stunned by this news because I have not seen this posted as the only option in the forum. I think Steinberg should post this with a sticky and spare everyone the angst. Crazy.

What’s bad too, as you would reinstall C6.5.1, it doesn’t catch that the Padshop is not in the install dialog. How can the install not contain the program? Bad install writer there.

Did you install 6.5.1 OVER 6.5?

It is posted as a sticky under the “Padshop” sub-forum of the “VST Instruments and Virtual Effects Plug-ins” forum.

Shinta - Hey, I wanted to say thanks for pointing me in the right direction. You have answered the call before and I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

To anyone curious, I gutted an otherwise perfect working version of 6.5.1, reloaded 6.0, then 6.0.5, then 6.5.1 again, all to find the Padshop sound files - finally - installed. What a pain. All the while my elicenser was saying I had 6.5 in the bag. (And here I am saying it is too bad you can’t go straight to 6.5.1 if you have your key all setup. Eh, PITA.)

Actually I have to wonder how many people out there have the flawed/partial 6.5.1 version and don’t even know it? I bet there are many. I would never have known if I hadn’t picked up a keyboard and tried it out with all the Steiny synths. Oh well, I am pretty convinced Steinberg is not concerned about this either. Thanks again for helping me sort out the fix, Shinta!!

Wow. Thanks for the compliment and you’re welcome. :smiley:


You didn’t install 6.5? Or was 6.0.5 a typo?

To be fair to the installer, the download is only 8 (32bit) or 11 (64bit) MB (PC). That’s not a full install.

Just to clarify, the e-Licenser indicates what you highest licensed version is, i.e. what you payed for. You could run SX3 with the licenser, which will still say 6.5…