Where are the PDF manuals stored on MAC

At times I would like to open the manual and read on screen when I am not working on a Cubase project.
On my PC it is very simple to figure out the file path for the manuals in windows explorer, and simply open and read them.

My Laptop is a MACBOOK and sometimes I would like to RTFM when I am on the bus etc. I cannot figure out where the manuals are on my MAC, nor can the MAC Finder’s search function. Where are they? what is the file path?


Don’t know about CB6, but my Mac with CB4 seems to have them in:
/Applications/Cubase 4.app/Contents/documentation

Spotlight operation_manual

That should find it!

Or just download it:

Yes, same for cubase 6 but I have to right click on Cubase 6 icon and select “show package contents” then the contents folder shows up, open it and the documentation folder is there with the manuals.

Using a Spotlight search does not find it, maybe it is “hidden” for some reason.

Upon installation, the pdfs should also get copied into…

That’s the right place indeed. Those in /Applications/Cubase… folder are just symbolic links pointing into /Library/Documentation/Steinberg…